SASTAIN was founded as a result of an industry gap identified in 2019. Our mission is to align sustainability practices and goals with your supply chain targets; yielding the optimal win for your organisation and the planet.

Our product suite provides your organisation with transparency to break siloe’s across the organisation that lead to misaligned targets; resulting in revenue loss, while reducing waste and carbon footprint via our differentiator Ecopartner Integration (Trademark). We further drive efficiency through our industry tailored Intelligent Workflow solution (Trademark).

Join us in reshaping the way we produce & consume goods, for a greener, more prosperous future. Explore our journey, values, and the exceptional team behind Sastain. Welcome to a world where supply chain is transformed into a sustainable value chain, where profitability and eco-conscious best practices meet.

About Us

Crafting Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

Responsible Consumption and Production

At Sastain, we're commited to sustainable manufacturing, from waste reduction to lowering carbon footprint. Join us in transforming the way goods are produced and promoting transparency for consumers.

Good Health and Well-Being

At Sastain, we're dedicated to promoting good health and well-being for individuals and the planet. Our sustainable solutions are designed to create a healthier and more eco-conscious world. Discover how we're making a difference

At Sastain, we envision sustainable cities and communities. Our solutions focus on eco-friendly urban development, efficient transportation, and clean energy. Join us in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Zero Hunger

At Sastain, we're on a mission to eradicate hunger. Our sustainable solutions are designed to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry, promoting food security and well-being for all. Join us in creating a world free from hunger.

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